Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Will you accept my insurance?

We are out of network providers. At the end of each month, you will receive an invoice for services rendered, along with all the documentation necessary for your insurance company. You are responsible for payment on the first of each month.

Do you accept credit cards?

We do not accept credit cards.

Do you prescribe medications?

We do not prescribe medications. In the state of New Jersey, psychiatric medications must be prescribed by a licensed physician. We work closely with child and adult psychiatrists to make sure that you are, when necessary, properly medicated.

What should I expect on my first visit?

You will find convenient and private parking behind 1164 Raritan. When facing the building from the parking lot, our offices are to your left. Enter through the back door, under the arbor. At the end of a long hallway you will find the waiting room, a quiet zone, where we ask you not to use your cell phones during your visit. Your therapist will meet you in the waiting room at the designated appointment time. In the consulting room, you can expect to start where you wish. The therapist will listen and start the process by wondering with you about the concerns causing you to contact us. In the first session you should expect to discuss your initial concerns, the fee, and the general framework for how we work. You will be given a packet of forms to complete and bring to the next visit. We make no assumptions about the problem, the treatment, or length of treatment: these are all to be discovered in collaboration

Do you do family therapy?

We do not do family therapy. However, we will often convene family meetings for specific and limited purposes. We have a referral network of skilled family therapists and will make referrals as necessary.

Do you see children and adolescents?

Yes we do, above age 5.

Do you consult with teachers and school counselors?

Yes, we often consult with teachers and counselors, and regularly consult in the schools. We closely coordinate with the child, adolescent, and parents, to ensure and respect confidentiality.

Do you see people with life threatening or terminal illnesses?

We have a particular interest in and speciality related to medical trauma, the management of chronic illness, and life threatening illness.

What are your fees?

Our fee is 150.00 per hour. In limited cases, a sliding scale is available.